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Underground Metal Detector

Underground Metal Detector MD-1008 Gold Detector underwater Digger Find Ring Detectors MD1008 DIY for kids beginners


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Product Description

  The MD1008 metal detector is perfect for kids to play, it is 70 cm long. For your child, this may be the start of an exciting new hobby. And it will also be a very special birthday and Christmas gift.
 Advantages: 1. LCD display 2. Waterproof 3. Lightweight and easy operation 4. Sensitive Control & Volume Adjustable.
 When searching, the LCD display indicates the detection of metal. And you can also adjust the volume level of the speaker can help you quickly know if metal is detected.
 Waterproof coil: You can also use metal detectors in shallow water. It is very suitable for outdoor treasure hunting activities such as creeks and beaches. (Detector diameter: 6.77 inches. Detection depth: 10-100cm).
Applications: Science Education, Parents-Kids Activity & Simple Metal Detection. Detect objects: Metal(Iron nail, iron covering, aluminum ring, small aluminum product, coins, gold, bronze, silver).

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