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Underground Metal Detector

GF2 Underground Metal Detector LCD Display Treasure Finder Handheld Portable Easy To Install High Sensitivity High Precisions


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Product Description

GF2 Large LCD Screen - Display clearly with the selectable metal type you are digging for and allows you adjust its sensitivity, ensuring that you’ll always find what you‘re searching for.
Long Time Operation - Enjoy up to 40 hours of continuous treasure hunting for gold, silver, copper, coins and other metal with 4 AA batteries(not included).
Multi Mode Operation - All metal mode for the greatest depth, discrimination mode for eliminating unwanted metals, ground cancellation works in all modes.
Adjustable Height of Metal Detector - You can adjust the connecting stem length for comfortable with adjustable height of arm rest.
Headphone Jack - Let you connect headphones(included) and operate without disturb, and the sensitivity is also adjustable.
Volume Control - You can adjust the output volume of the loud speaker or headphone.
Color: Black + Green
Material: ABS + Aluminum Alloy
Detection Depth: US 25 Cent/US 50 Cent: 250mm
3 Detection Mode: All Metal (Detect all kinds of metal), Discrimination (Discriminate metal type), Pinpoint(Find the exact location of a target)
Detect Objects: Metal(Iron nail, iron covering, aluminum ring, small aluminum product, coins, gold, bronze, silver)
Scanning Support: Lateral 7.1 Nm
Operating Rules: VLF Inductive Balance
Basic Sensitivity: 5x109 ROOT Hertz Sensitivity
Hysteresis Factor: 70 Micro Seconds
Ground Balance Range: From iron to salt
Ground Suppression: A combination of second and third order methods
ID Group Suppression: Third order
Operating Frequency: 13KHz
Voltage: 4.8V
Power Supply: 4 * 1.5V AA Batteries(Not Included)
Indication Mode: LCD Mode and Sound Mode
Sensitivity: Adjustable
Control: Power Switch
Volume: Adjustable
Battery Life: Up to 40 hours
Application: Testing metal foreign body of raw materials, fuel and food, Detection of underground pipeline & line, Archaeology, Exploration, Found buried treasures of gold, silver and metal artifacts.
Search Coil Size: 290 * 185mm / 11.4 * 7.3in (L*W)
LCD Control Unit Size: 112 * 117mm / 4.4 * 4.6in (L*W)
Adjustable Height of Detector: 1190~1410mm / 46.9~55.5inch
Item Size: 350 * 185 * 1410mm / 15.0 * 11.4 * 55.5in
Item Weight: 1689g / 59.6oz
Package Size: 66 * 42 * 16cm / 26.0 * 16.5 * 6.3in
Package Weight: 3657g / 129.0oz
Note: The search coil is waterproof, but the control housing is not waterproof.
Package List:
1 * Metal Detector
1 * Headphone
1 * User Manual(English)

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