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What You May Not Know Hand Held Metal Detectors?

Publish:Shenzhen Pinpoint Technology Co.,Ltd  Time:2017-04-28   Views:922
                                What You May Not Know Hand Held Metal Detectors?

Nowadays , it is a quite common phenomenon that the security officer will use a hand-held metal detector for passengers to carry out security checks.

According to related Introduction: the station in the use of hand-held metal detectors , the security aspects of the role even higher than the metal detection gate, what’s the reason?

The main role of the station security gate  is  to maintain order, provide security channels, and detect metal content.

When you carry less metal items, the metal detection door alarm lights will also issue a more range of alarm tips, then the security inspector will use metal detectors for you to focus on a detection of the alarm location, so that you can save time and enhance the effect while enhancing the security of the reference.

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