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Does every school need a metal deector

Publish:Shenzhen Pinpoint Technology Co.,Ltd  Time:2018-12-18   Views:247
Metal detector at a school in Gary, Ind. 
Metal detectors, threat-evaluation software, police officers -- hundreds of American schools have added tighter security since 1999’s attack at Colorado’s Columbine High School.
But these solutions "are not likely to be effective," and are potentially harmful, according to federal researchers who conducted the most thorough study of school shootings across the nation.
Of what value is a metal detector, the researchers asked, when an attacker is willing to kill others and take his or her life?
Or threat-evaluation software, when most attackers do not make a threat before an attack?
Or a SWAT team, when most attacks last only a few minutes and end before police arrive?
Instead of relying solely on physical security, the researchers suggest, schools should be paying more attention to listening to students, discouraging and discovering attacks while they’re still in the planning stages.
After the nation’s third deadly school attack in a week, one of the researchers said Monday that he was ambivalent about encouraging every one of the 100,000 schools in the nation to add metal detectors.

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